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Kill3rCombo launches Elsword closed beta

Jef Reahard

It's officially closed beta time for Elsword, the manga-themed MMORPG from Kill3rCombo. If you've been itching to star in your very own comic book, now's your chance, as interested players can sign up via the game's website. The closed beta period is going on right now and will run through Wednesday, March 30th.

That should give you plenty of time to play as Rena, Aisha, or Elsword as you take on quests in the game's co-op dungeons or duke it out in the PvP arenas. Elsword sports a unique comic book style as well as a combo system that is both newb-friendly and deep enough to challenge veteran button-mashers. Elsword also features skill specializations, which allow for various playstyles.

Kill3rCombo hasn't graced us with an open beta or release date as of yet, but stay tuned for more updates as the closed beta period rolls on.

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