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EV milestone: Fisker rolls first Karma off the assembly line, aims to deliver 7,000 this year

Vlad Savov

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Patience can bear such wonderful fruit, can't it? The electrified (and electrifying) Karma, which first graced the world with its presence back in 2008, has managed to negotiate the slalom course of funding and logistical issues that faces any new upstart company and can now boast its very first production unit. The Karma 1 above will be making its way out within a month (presumably after every nook, cranny and capacitor has been polished to perfection) and company spokesman Roger Ormisher says the plan is to ramp up very slowly and carefully, reaching "over 7,000 deliveries" by year's end. Considering the rate at which Leafs and Volts have been selling so far, that doesn't actually sound half bad.

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