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FileMaker Starter Solutions released for mobile apps


FileMaker announced the availability of three new Starter Solutions for its FileMaker Go mobile application. FileMaker Go lets you access and edit your FileMaker databases on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while away from your desktop. The three Starter Solutions are optimized for Apple's multi-touch mobile devices and include:

  • Contacts: Organize and search your contacts.
  • Documents: Work on documents remotely and synchronize any changes to a master database.
  • Assets: Track all types of assets and create custom categories, such as serial numbers, purchase dates, depreciation calculations and more.

The Starter Solutions can be edited on your mobile device and your Mac or Windows computer. Mobile usage requires the FileMaker Go application, which is available from iTunes for the the iPad (US$39.99) and the iPhone and iPod touch ($19.99). Desktop editing requires Filemaker Pro 11 ($299) for the Mac or Windows. For a limited time, you can purchase FileMaker Go and receive a 50 percent discount on the full version of FileMaker Pro.

Not ready to lay out $150+ for this database solution? Then point your browser to FileMaker's website where you can download the Starter Solutions and a 30-day trial version of FileMaker Pro 11 for free. You can also check out our review of FileMaker Go for the iPad.

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