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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley will be your host today.

We bought the cats a new bed because the old one was getting a little worn out. As usual, they quickly accommodated to its roomy and soft bedding. Sophie likes being a pillow, it seems.

omnibishop asked:

Do you think Blizzard might ever implement a dual class system? Not like FFXI in which you have two classes at the same time, but a system where you can change between two different classes available for your particular race.

Probably not. Blizzard wants the decisions you make in World of Warcraft to matter, which is one of the reasons the talent system was pared down. Your class is one of the most important decisions you make for that particular character, so being able to change it on the fly is not something I would expect to happen. However, I would love a paid class swap feature, like the race change, so that I could swap two of my character's classes ...

Iirdan asked:

Blizzard has been relatively silent about the expansion of archaeology in 4.1 - any word other than the datamined items?

Looks like as of right now, the datamined items are what we're getting. Blizzard doesn't like to talk about things until it has a full grasp on them or is ready to make some announcement. The company's perfectly happy, in this case, to let the datamining speak for itself. Blizzard already said that it wants to expand on archaeology and even said the vrykul, fossils, and trolls needed new items.

potatoboy asked:

What do you think the likelihood of new Silithid content? All the old areas seem unaffected by the Cataclysm, and out of place.

I am very much hoping for more silithid/aqir/qiraji content, because I love me some qiraji. Rossi and I talked about this to some extent on the podcast yesterday as well, so give it a listen! I think the silithid/qiraji well is one that Blizzard hasn't really dipped into in a good, long time. I will be excited when it happens, and I pray every night for a War of the Aqir CoT raid.

blueboxjared asked:

question for the queue; do we know when the new mount will go on sale in the blizzard store?

We don't actually have a time frame other than "soon"; however, I wouldn't expect the wait to be too long. I am guessing maybe two to three weeks. I really like the new winged lion mount and would love if Blizzard would release its name. Perhaps something Uldum-y? It seems like a cross between a sphinx and a lion pegasus.

SirSquirrels asked:

What's the most compelling reason for someone who quit the game to come back for Cataclysm?

Cataclysm has completely changed the 1 to 60 game, made level 85 raiding extremely accessible -- and if you liked WoW once, you're going to like WoW 2 even more. The quests are fun, the polish is top-notch, and everything plays out really nicely. There are some complaints, sure, but I personally think WoW is aging very nicely, and old players deserve to give Azeroth another look just to see how cool most of the revamp is.

@magmaw asked:

Why must humanity oppose so violently an arthropod en flambé?

Magmaw, buddy, if you didn't have purples to take, we wouldn't want to hurt you. You're my favorite, though. Keep on flailin' them little Magmaw feets.

Bottleguy asked:

What happened to Arthas's sister?

We have no idea. It is an unresolved plot point that will most likely come up when it is useful for the story.

pacificitrim asked:

If Trolls have such amazing regenerative powers then why didn't Zul'jin's hacked-off arm grow back?

They hacked it off real good. Elven magics and all that. Hacktacular. Zul'jin hacked off his own arm to escape the elves, but they got his eye. Burned it real good. Elven eye-burning magic and all that. Burntacular. I think the trolls draw the line at limb regeneration, maybe?

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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