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A new kingdom awaits in Vindictus patch 1.23

Eliot Lefebvre

There's more to Vindictus than just hacking and slashing everything into a bloody red mist, and with the game's latest update, that statement is more true than ever. Patch 1.23 has just arrived, bringing with it a variety of new content for the free-to-play action title, starting with the brand-new kingdom of Rocheste. Players at level 22 or higher will be able to travel to the new area filled with new vendors and quest NPCs as well as enjoy the start of the brand-new Expertise system for crafting items.

But maybe you're not too concerned about all of that fluff and want to cut things to ribbons. The update is catering to you as well with the level cap bump to 70 and the addition of two new transformations for your character. Along with an increased AP cap, new armors, and a new dueling system, there's plenty of opportunity for Vindictus veterans to enjoy the game's signature gameplay. Take a look at the full patch notes and get ready to enjoy all of the new additions, along with several upcoming events for the game.

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