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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for DS is apparently still happening


You may remember Duke Nukem Trilogy as a trailer and nothing else, but allow us to refresh your memory about this particular illusory Duke Nukem game: it was a set of three Duke adventures announced by Deep Silver and Apogee for PSP and DS.

But then the games lost their Duke license ... or something, and the first one, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, was being developed as "Extraction Point: Alien Shootout." And now it's back as Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, and coming out in Europe on April 8. Publisher Deep Silver tells Joystiq that it is still slated for release in North America, with a release window around May.

In addition, Apogee tweeted that "The Duke Nukem License was never yanked. Apogee owns the agreement for the license, not some third party work for hire developer." Faced with that curveball, we've asked Apogee and Deep Silver exactly what happened, and exactly what is happening. All we can say -- and this is advice that's backed up by recent events -- is don't trust anything Duke-related until you see a game in a store.

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