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iPad 2 launches internationally tomorrow, we check the prices


Despite frantic rumors to the contrary over the past two weeks, the iPad 2 will be launching tomorrow (March 25) in 25 other countries around the world. From the European continent to Australia, the UK to New Zealand. If you happen to be from the future and today is already March 25, the online ordering has begun, and at this point, you can expect to wait 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive.

How much are you going to pay for your iPad 2 and accessories? It depends on the country, of course. We've scoured the online Apple Stores for a number of countries to find the pricing for you, and the results are in the table above. Note that this is not a complete price chart; we're just doing a price comparison of representative iPad products.

UK iPad 2 fanatics can also buy subsidized devices from T-Mobile UK, which will be selling 16 GB Wi-Fi + 3G devices only at a price of £199 upfront plus £25 per month for existing customers or £229 upfront plus £27 per month for new customers. That's with a 2-year contract featuring 1 GB of data per month plus 1 GB of "quiet time" (12 AM - 10 AM) data usage.

We look forward to hearing from TUAW readers around the globe who are waiting in line at their local Apple Stores to pick up an iPad 2 and accessories. Be sure to send us pictures!

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