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Joystiq Podcast recording live here at 3:00PM ET

Does glasses-free 3D video sound like a revolution to you? Then, my good man (and/or woman) you haven't experienced glasses-free 3D audio. Come, just past the break, and take a trip for your senses with the Joystiq Podcast Live (Now in 3D!). Pop in some headphones and use your ability to gauge distance to ... walk down the street!

Maybe you could have a friend throw a baseball at you, or visit an aquarium with a giant shark who could jump right at you. All in 3D and all while listening to the Joystiq Podcast. Is it magic? No, just magical.

But how will you walk down the street if you're glued to the embedded Flash player after the break? That's easy! Download the Ustream app on your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or Android phone and get a move on.

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