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MS: Dungeon Fighter Online to be a 'paid XBLA title with online multiplayer features'


Yesterday, Nexon announced an Xbox Live Arcade version of its free-to-play side-scrolling MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online. Today, Microsoft clarified that the Xbox adaptation won't be free-to-play ... and hinted that it might not be an MMO, either.

"Dungeon Fighter Online will be a paid XBLA title with online multiplayer features," a Microsoft representative told Joystiq. "It is not a freemium MMORPG." This still leaves plenty of questions about exactly how it works -- though the phrase "with online multiplayer features" sounds a lot like the MMO nature is being downplayed for the console version. At least now we understand how the monetization model will work for this version -- you just give Microsoft money up front.

Of course, if Dungeon Fighter isn't an MMO, that's probably for the best. Microsoft Game Studios has a history with MMOs. A history of making them history.

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