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One Shots: Strange signs in the sky

What strange portents do these sky sigils hold? Is this some new form of magic? As if the denizens of RIFT didn't have enough to deal with when between the Guardians and the Defiant squabbling and rifts opening all over the place -- now there appears some new edge of evil. Today's intriguing RIFT One Shots comes to us from Michelle T., who writes in to give us her observations:

"As my poor lower-level-than-she-should-be Guardian Rogue, Raelskye (on Shadefallen), stumbled accidentally into the Foul Cascades, she was greeted by this absolutely astounding sight. So amazed was she that she forgot to be afraid, and she almost walked face-first into the several mobs just waiting below and around the Death rift. Was it a warning? A sign? An Easter egg? No idea. But it was definitely cool."

One Shots is always interested in great scenic shots from around the MMOGsphere. If you'd like to show off a captivating view you've found during your travels, then snap a screenshot and email it to us here at Make sure you include your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. Yours could be the next one we feature here!

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