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Report: Cyanide also working on Game of Thrones RPG


Good news for fans of Westeros and its inhabitants -- not only does Cyanide have an RTS based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy series coming out, but apparently the Paris-based developer is also working on an RPG set in the world of the Song of Ice and Fire. French site FactorNews got a look at the game in development, and it sounds like just the thing to get your dire wolf howling.

The title is supposed to play out around the book's events rather than follow them, but still follows the conventions of seeing various points of view. Players will start out as a brother of the Night Watch up at the Wall, then move on to play as Alester Sarwyck, a Red Priest returning to the kingdom after being exiled for 15 years across the Narrow Sea. Gameplay is described as a mix of The Witcher and other pseudo-turn-based RPGs, with players choosing skills and directing traffic in the midst of real-time battle. Cyanide is aiming for a release on both PC and consoles.

It all sounds awesome -- but A Game of Thrones: The RPG (working title) isn't planned to see the light of day any time before Martin's Dance with Dragons hits bookstores. If Cyanide delivers everything it is promising in this preview, we'd be willing to pull a Jaime Lannister and kill a king just to get a copy of it.

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