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The MMO Report: The illegal mail bag edition


That's right, Mr. Schreiner, you bad! Show us your smug self. Aw, yeah! Breakin' the law and living the dream.

This week's edition of the MMO Report is completely illegal, especially when it involves Sara Underwood and Uncle Casey's Mailbag. The image still haunts my dreams. However, the actual reporting involves the addition of new content to DC Universe Online; a surprising statement from World of Warcraft creators about Star Wars: The Old Republic; someone letting the dogs out in Minecraft; and a saucy love affair between En Masse and Atari. What is the world coming to? Of course, the trip down Uncle Casey's Mail Bag wouldn't be complete without spandex and cleavage. Can't believe I just said that.

If you haven't been disgusted already, drop past the break for the entire episode of this week's MMO Report. You can wipe that cheesy smirk off your face now, Casey. They are going to watch the show.

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