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TUAW's Daily App: Max and the Magic Marker


Max and the Magic Marker is a really incredible game. It's won awards everywhere, and now it's available from EA on iOS for iPhone and iPad. Essentially, the game is a platformer with Max having to navigate the weird game world by moving and jumping around. But the twist is he also has a magic marker that can be used to draw real-world objects that he can physically interact with. When you combine Max's platforming with the physics-based items created by the Magic Marker, things can get pretty wild.

It's a lot of fun, and the puzzles included in the game are limited only by your creativity. Max and the Magic Marker originally came out on Nintendo's WiiWare platform, but it's available on iOS now with full Retina Display support across all 58 levels. There's no Game Center integration, which is a disappointment, especially from EA, but considering that it's basically a solo affair, it's not a deal breaker. Max and the Magic Marker is US$1.99 on the iPhone (and note that it only works with the 3GS and up) or $4.99 on the iPad.

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