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Crysis 2 PC update released, removes auto-aim

Though the (already worked-around) errors affecting some Crysis 2 PC players who are trying to activate their game online still haven't been patched out, Crytek launched an update earlier this week which fixes a few other errant bugs. These include measurements for blocking cheaters, hang-ups that affected matchmaking and problems with certain brands of USB headsets. Check out a full list of the updates after the jump.

The most controversial of these changes is the wholesale removal of auto-aim, a decision Crytek made "due to overwhelming community feedback." Sounds like beta participants weren't too crazy about the feature -- though, really, doesn't the idea of guns that aim for you kind of fit into Crysis' nanomachine-enhanced canon?

  • Server Browser shows incorrect pings – Fixed
  • Some matches never initiate – Fixed
  • Faster text chat – As speedy as can be
  • Console re-enabled – Console has been re-activated
  • Cheat detection – Now in place to ensure all users are on a level playing field
  • Fix USB headset issues – Current issues have been addressed and fixed
  • Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used – Fixed
  • Remove Auto Aim – This has now been completely removed due to overwhelming community feedback

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