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PDP and Power A reveal first batch of 3DS accessories

You've already made the biggest decisions regarding your upcoming acquisition of the Nintendo 3DS: What color should you buy? What launch titles are worth your time and money? Shouldn't you wait for that Zelda jam? However, we'd wager that one of your most important decisions remains unmade: Which accoutrements should your purchase to compliment your new, handheld friend? (That's French for "video game accessories," we believe.)

Power A and PDP have each revealed their Nintendo-licensed suites of cases, chargers and cleaning kits -- all of which are available to order from their respective sites. We're confident that between the two of them, all your needs are accounted for. Need a standalone car charger? No probs. A businesslike, faux leather case? Oh, here it is. How about a Rainbow Telescoping Stylus Pack? We don't even know what that is, but we want one.

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