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Sprint's HTC EVO 3D official case to have kickstand?


Admirers of Sprint's new flagship EVO 3D may have noticed something lacking that's often lauded by current EVO 4G owners: the kickstand. Why did it get dumped in the first place? Well apparently -- according to the folks at Androinica -- there simply wasn't room with the two cameras and the battery. Thankfully, all may not be lost as HTC is reportedly creating a case for the device that'll include the kickstand. Though, if you peek at the mockup above you may notice the glaring issue that also plagues the Thunderbolt: the charge port -- which has been relocated to the side -- is facing the desk, making charging a non-starter while in use. No mention of release date, pricing, or if this thing'll even look like this once final, but we're bound to hear more. So in the interim, keep your eyes on the accessory shelves and please holler if you bump into something a bit more useful than this.

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