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Triple your pleasure with three Dragon Nest updates

Jef Reahard

Your typical Massively news post centers on an item or two of interest from a current MMORPG. It might be class-related info, it might be a juicy dev quote, or it might be a video. Rarely, though, do we manage to cram all three of those items into a single, value-packed news post quite like this one. And we owe it all to the folks at Nexon who've smothered us with a veritable gob of new information about Dragon Nest.

The free-to-play fantasy MMO's website has just updated with our trifecta, and you can pay a visit to link number one to learn about the game's Warriors, Clerics, Archers, and Sorcerers. Behind link number two is a lengthy dev blog from Desmodeus Dragon Nest's lead producer who talks about the title's visuals, action, and story. Not to be outdone is link number three, which boasts a shiny new video detailing various combos and attacks from Dragon Nest's battle system. OK, maybe it is outdone, since you can also watch the video behind the cut without leaving the comfort of your Massively home.

Either way, a smorgasbord of new Dragon Nest info awaits.

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