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URL Hunter offers a whole game in your browser's address bar


Perhaps you saw (and even played) URL Hunter when it was being passed around the Internets a little while back -- it's a tiny little HTML 5 game that takes place all inside a long Uniform Resource Locator in your web browser's address bar. The HTML script moves a few little "a" characters around, and you can line them up in your sights with arrow keys, pressing space to fire and shoot as many as possible within a time limit.

Developer Corey Johnson, formerly of Maxis and now working at Github, says the game was developed over just a few hours of programming time. After reading about HTML 5's address bar API, he decided to try and make it interactive, and came up with URL Hunter. He had "lots of ideas at first, but cut most of them because of my self-imposed time constraints" of only a few hours of work.

Johnson says that HTML 5's Canvas element offers much more "potential" for browser-based games than his URL hacking. But that hasn't stopped us from getting the initial funding together for Joystiq Publishing's first browser-based product, Call of Document Object: Model Web Design 2.

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