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Nintendo of America patent shows off unreleased motorcycle game concept

Every night, before we loose ourselves from the moorings of the conscious world, we say a short prayer that a game developer will realize the potential in a relaunch of Sega's arcade almost-classic, Harley Davidson & LA Riders. Our wishes haven't been granted yet, but a recently uncovered patent (.pdf) shows that Nintendo of America came awfully close to creating something similar to Sega's Easy Rider-esque masterpiece.

The patent depicts a motorcycle (and/or Jetski) racing game controlled using the Wii Balance Board and Wiimote. Twisting and turning the remote accelerates and turns the bike, while leaning on the Balance Board allows the player to take sharper turns. It's unclear whether the game depicted is still in development, but we'll keep our fingers crossed regardless. Hey, it beats buying and riding an actual motorcycle, you know. Those things are like, super dangerous.

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