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WoW Moviewatch: Acting with Certainty


We first looked at Acting with Certainty back in October 2010. This film by Paus still stands out as one of the most visually and narratively intriguing machinima of the last few years. It seems that Acting with Certainty wasn't written in a pure narrative; instead, it seems as if it's a series of symbols and composites that speaks to the audience in a more emotional, subconscious way.

The video reminds me of our own attempt to shuffle off negative aspects of our own personality. We're all struggling to be better people and to overcome personal demons. And while we can make great strides in denying vice and demons, it still feels like we can never quite completely eradicate those parts of our id.

However you take this movie, it's impossible to deny the metaphorical poetry with which it was created. It feels like Paus reached deep within himself to create this machinima. It's definitely an interesting, horrendously beautiful film.

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