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Apple Design Awards: Would past winners be eligible?


As we reported Monday, Mac software is once again eligible for an Apple Design Award with the caveat that it be available on the Mac App Store by May 23. Not only does it exclude companies that can't enter the Mac App Store, but it also cuts out a good bit of past winners.

Out of the past 22 winners of the Apple Design Award spanning 2006 to 2009, nine apps would be eligible for the 2011 awards. Thirteen are out of the game, though two developers have indicated future Mac App Store plans. A couple pieces of past winners are no longer actively developed.

Read on to see a list of past winners -- 2010 excluded, of course -- and their current status regarding the Mac App Store.


  • Billings: Eligible
  • BoinxTV: Eligible
  • Things: Eligible.
  • Versions: Not eligible at this time, however Sofa has indicated that Versions will be on the Mac App Store in the near future, meaning it will most likely be on the store by the May 23 deadline.
  • Fontcase: Not eligible, and no indication from the company that it has plans for the Mac App Store.


  • Squirrel: Eligible
  • ScreenFlow: Eligible
  • Macnification: Not eligible. Software is still actively developed, with version 1.8 available as of Jan. 21.
  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock: Not eligible. While Guitar Hero is no longer being developed, Aspyr Media, who handled the license for the port to OS X, has other games on the App Store that are eligible, including The Secret of Monkey Island and Call of Duty 4.
  • Screenflow: Eligible


  • Delicious Library: Eligible
  • Coda: Eligible
  • CSSEdit: Not eligible. The last version available for download is from May 2010, and the company blog has not been updated since then either.
  • Papers: Not eligible. Papers 2 was introduced March 8, but there is no indication they have plans to be on the Mac App Store. However, their iOS apps for Paper would be eligible.
  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade: Not eligible. There are no Blizzard products currently on the Mac App Store.
  • Picturesque: Not eligible at this time. The company's Soulver is on the Mac App Store and would be eligible, and Acqualia has said that Picturesque will be available once its new image engine is developed. If the new revision comes out before May 23, it will be eligible.


  • iSale: Eligible
  • modo: Not eligible, but still actively developed.
  • TextMate: Not eligible. Last updated in 2010.
  • EnzymeX: Not eligible. Developed by the same company as Papers, if Papers ever moved to the Mac App Store, this software would probably go as well.
  • The Sims: Not eligible for the Mac, though the iOS version would be eligible.
  • Lineform: Not eligible and no indication that it's being further developed. The company has turned its attention to iOS apps, which would be eligible.

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