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Grand Theft Auto character listed in voice actor casting call


You don't have to look like this creepy guy -- you just have to sound like him. James Pedeaston (pictured), a recurring side character in the Grand Theft Auto universe, is listed among several other roles in a voice-over casting call posted on Actors Pages, which could be further evidence that production of Grand Theft Auto 5 is underway. Take-Two was initially named (as the production company) in the posting, according to Eurogamer, but reference to the GTA publisher has since been removed.

Pedeaston was the host of "The Wild Traveler" radio show in GTA: San Andreas -- in which he openly recounted acts of pedophilia -- and, in GTA IV, he was "arrested by the Indonesian police after being suspected of child molesting in Bali, Indonesia," according to the GTA Wiki. The casting call describes Pedeaston as a "man-boy love activist who just got released from an Indonesian prison," suggesting that the role would be set in a time period following the events of GTA IV -- in other words, a role featured in the next GTA game.

Additional first-name-only characters are listed in the job posting and sound generally befitting of a GTA game -- take "Samantha," for instance: "A young female obsessed with sex parties, always dreaming of being a Hollywood celebrity." The Actors Pages casting call follows a similar job posting on The Agency, for a project named "Rush" (assumed to be a codename and linked to Take-Two), which introduces more puzzle pieces that might fit together into a new GTA game set in Los Angeles -- or "Los Santos," as it's known in San Andreas.

[Image source: GTA Wiki; credit: C-d-rom]

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