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Need For Speed World adds Team Escape


Why get chased by the cops alone when you can do it with friends? Need For Speed World has opened the freeways with six new Epic Escapes. This time you're not running from the cops alone; you and your friends can high-tail it away from smokey together. Not only is NFSW stepping it up a notch with team pursuits, but it's also upped the danger by giving the cops all-new tactics for catching you lawbreakers. And just to make things more interesting, the times for these runs have been extended to up to eight minutes, so you'd best slap on those high-endurance tires.

Of course, the game doesn't give something to the cops without giving something to you. Because this is a team effort, the devs have given the racer two new team abilities: Team Emergency Evade, which saves your team from getting arrested when you need its help, and Team Slingshot, which provides a powerful boost of speed to your team when it needs it the most.

Check out the full details on the Need For Speed World website. If this gets your adrenaline pumping, then keep watching Massively; we have some special Team Escape events coming up soon!

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