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Tiger Woods 12 features improved PlayStation Move functionality


The PS3 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters supports the PlayStation Move, though the functionality is greatly improved over last year. EA has not only improved the sensitivity of the swing itself, but added in the first-person True-Aim system seen in last year's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on the Wii.

Now, because my review focuses so much on the caddy (and because the PlayStation Move arrived very late from Sony), Move didn't make it in before deadline. However, that added time to mess around with the mechanic has proven to me that the PS3 version is far more sensitive to slight swing variations and wrist movement, which makes the learning curve a bit steeper.

Still, after only an hour, my proficiency increased. And because the Move is so sensitive, it was a lot easier for me to gauge how much power I was putting into a swing compared to using an analog stick.

Combined with the graphical fidelity of the PS3 version, I can say without a doubt that PlayStation Move makes Tiger Woods on the PS3 the preferred version.

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