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Breakfast Topic: How do you and your guild benefit one another?

Andrew Ross

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

While I'm a veteran MMOer, I often end up coming back to WoW, at least for a few months. I have friends who play, but as soon as I come back, they change servers, get busy, or stop playing, which is partially why I only come back for so long.

I've been in guilds in other games, but WoW guilds to me are much more ... impermanent. Raid progression would do something to kill the guild out from under me, so I figured, for Cata, I'd try a PvP guild. However, we're a few months into the expansion, and I'm not getting the PvP I came back for. I have to raid again, which is what always drives me away. The guild perks aren't really anything I need, either, especially since I avoid alts and reputation and I love BGs, so I'm always rolling in honor. The other day, I stopped and asked myself, "What has my WoW guild done for me lately?"

While people may complain about how bad the WoW community is, I think its accessibility brings in a good mix of people, and often I can find a few who I honestly enjoy. I do things I don't normally want to do in WoW because I want to see my guildmates happy. Even when we lose in PvP, my guildies stay motivated for the next game, rather than exploding, unlike my real-life friends. In essence, my guild's given me a reason to keep playing that transcends just the game.

What's your guild done for you lately? Did they help you get an awesome mount? Maybe they helped you with a dream achievement or feat of strength, or maybe something we often overlook when looking for guilds.

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