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iPhone theft results in a tragic death


We have often written feel-good stories about the quick recovery of stolen iPhones, usually with the assistance of Find My iPhone. Unfortunately, today's story of a theft turned horrifying and tragic when a Chicago woman died after a fleeing thief shoved her down a flight of stairs.

According to the Chicago Breaking News, Sally Katona-King was standing at the Fullerton station platform on her way home from work during rush hour Monday afternoon when a thief stole the iPhone from another commuter and pushed Katona-King in his haste to flee the scene. Katona-King was hospitalized after falling down a set of stairs at the station and died Tuesday from what officials believe was a cerebral hemorrhage.

Apparently, Katona-King was known for her generosity and altruism with the disadvantaged. "To die over an iPhone? It's senseless," her son told reporters Tuesday evening.

As of Tuesday, the thief is still at large, but police hope to identify him from surveillance videos in the area.

Authorities indicated that theft of expensive smartphones is a growing problem worldwide. Detective Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya remarked, "It's something that police departments across the country are trying to find solutions to."

[via Cult of Mac]

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