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THQ putting Kung Fu Panda 2 on Kinect, uDraw, DS and PS3

We've got evidence to support the existence of a secret, underground contest in the gaming industry to bring a single title to the strangest, most random collection of platforms imaginable. Our proof? THQ's recently outlined release strategy for Kung Fu Panda 2 -- an adaptation of Dreamworks' upcoming animated feature, which will have a PS3 version, DS version, a Kinect-enabled 360 version and a uDraw GameTablet version on Wii. Like, a contest's the only possible explanation, right?

A press release reveals each version has different functionality relating to its respective control scheme. The Kinect version, for instance, lets players "seemingly transform into Po as they block, dodge, duck, punch and kick, no controller required." The uDraw tablet gives players the ability to draw and color in-game characters. The PS3 version? You can press X to jump. How's your mind? Is it totally blown?

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