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PlayStation Plus members getting free Sonic 2, Dungeon Hunter discount


The PlayStation Blog has revealed the next round of perks lined up for PlayStation Plus subscribers, including free games, some exclusive deals and one big full game trial. First up, the free stuff: The Trophy-supported version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be free to Plus members as of next Tuesday, April 5, as will Duael Invaders, the PSN minis shmup. Members will also get a free "Men of Yakuza 4" theme and a Crane Dance theme, both on April 12.

Sony's also offering up discounts for Plus members, including Stardrone for $4, Hamsterball for $3.99 and the upcoming Dungeon Hunter: Alliance action RPG for $9.74, a few bucks off the standard $12.99 price. Finally, on April 12, Plus members will have access to a full game trial of the first Assassin's Creed, just in case you've never played Altaïr's original adventure. (Spoiler: it's good, but the sequels are much better.)

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