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Rumor: SOE to close The Agency studio

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Rumors have been flying since yesterday afternoon that it's the end of the line for The Agency's studio. George Broussard, one of the minds behind the Duke Nukem games, made several announcements on Twitter last night that the studio will be closing today:
Word that Sony Online Entertainment Seattle is having layoffs and that studio closure is possible.

To be more clear, the layoffs may be SOE wide and not just limited to Seattle. So, Austin, San Diego, etc...

SOE Seattle and other studios (Denver is rumored) will be closed tomorrow. Good luck to all impacted.
In addition, Kotaku is reporting that these layoffs could affect nearly one-third of SOE's total staff. Sony Online Entertainment has not released any statement or announcement to confirm this, so it's uncertain whether Broussard has inside information or is merely getting a jump on April Fool's Day. We'll be watching for official word back from SOE, so keep your eye on Massively for more.

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