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Developer announces, cancels a new MMO

Eliot Lefebvre

Earlier today, [developer] announced [type of fish] Online, a brand-new [themepark/sandbox] game set in a vibrant [genre] world, complete with player [verb ending in -ing] and all the [type of furniture] you could eat. The post also [adverb] hinted that the game would involve [character], a fan favorite that many players have been waiting for over a [time interval] to see.

[Number] minutes later, the company [verbed] the post to announce that the game was no longer on the table. Due to [game developer]'s enormous [noun] habit and problems with adapting [game engine] to run on [operating system], the project was shelved indefinitely.

Players caught up in the maelstrom feel [emotion]. "I can't believe we'd be so easily [verbed]," said [player name]. "I really thought this would be the game for me, like [game name 1] and [game name 2] could have been if the devs didn't [verb]. Or like [game name 3] was before they nerfed [class]. Or like [game name 4] before they [verbed] it down for the casuals." [Player name] continued listing MMOs for the next [number] minutes.

Games Journalism sure is hard work, so we've decided to take a break today and let you write your own news! Too many stories about RIFT on Massively lately? Not enough about the game of your choice? No problem! Much in the style of Mad Libs, today is your day to create the news you want to read, all day on the :30s. Simply fill in the blanks and it's yours. Have fun!

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