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Diamonds plus nano plus watch equals this $18k monstrosity

Chris Ward

There is, it has to be admitted, a market for diamond-encrusted Apple products. Having the good taste to buy something magical and revolutionary doesn't necessarily mean you have good taste full stop.

So, for those of you with more (way, way more) money than sense who live at the blingier end of the Apple marketplace, we present the ZShock Lunatik iPod nano watch case (the clue's in the name). Yes, for a mere US$18,000 and a three- to four-week wait, ZShock will "hand-set the diamonds into pave settings on the white gold watch case" of your iPod nano watch, Boy Genius (who seems to quite like this, strangely) tells us.

Is it just me or does the nano in this picture look sort of embarrassed?

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