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Keiji Inafune starts two game companies


Looks like Keiji Inafune has a plan to give the Japanese game industry a boost -- and it involves rebuilding the whole thing himself. The former Capcom exec, known as the creator of Mega Man and Clockland Rescue, has started two new companies, Comcept and Intercept, in two separate offices.

Comcept, a name that has come up in relation to Inafune before, is focused on creating and distributing a variety of entertainment media, including consumer, online and mobile games, tie-in goods, books, movies, and even events. Intercept, on the other hand, is all about game development, following three key tenets (as translated by Andriasang): "Originality -- Cannot be copied by others"; "Gravity -- Has the power to pull people in"; and "Beyond the Age -- Things that cross era." The companies have so far raised 10 million yen ($119,490) in capital each.

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