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MapleStory goes Greek: New island coming to the game April 6th


It's no April Fools' joke: Nexon is adding a Greek-themed island to MapleStory on April 6th, ancient columns and all.

Chyrse is a floating island -- thanks to a mysterious power -- that's long since left the world and has been in isolation because of its distance. Now things have changed, and Chyrse is open for business and for war. Xerxes, a fearsome baddie, has declared war against the friendly giants of the isle, and it's up to you to stop him.

MapleStory players between the levels of 55 and 75 are encouraged to team up with friends to take on Xerxes and his forces. If players are victorious, Nexon promises to reward them with new, unique weapons and gear.

While you wait for the 6th, you can check out the first images of Chyrse in the gallery below!

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