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Music Unlimited platform coming to PSP, NGP and Xperia Play

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, COO of Sony Network Entertainment Shawn Layden confirmed that the company's Music Unlimited platform would soon make its way to PSP owners living in the UK in "a matter of weeks," and would appear on the NGP and Xperia Play later this year. The cloud-based music streaming service (which kicked off in the U.S. this year as part of the PS3's Qriocity application) will let listeners access their music and genre channels set up on a PC or PS3 on-the-go -- for a monthly fee, of course. We've contacted Sony to see if this info applies to the States as well.

Layden explained the inspiration came from the PSP and PS3's ability to share games between one another, adding that Sony hopes to, "bring all those different content domains into a more comprehensive space for the user." Hey, we're all about synergy, here. We just hope Sony finds a way to add Qriocity support to our most anticipated NGP launch title, Now That's How I Touch Music: Vol. 6.

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