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Nickelodeon evolves a new monkey MMO


If you've ever felt like picking through your friends' hair for bugs to eat, or if you've ever found yourself throwing questionable things at strangers, then you might be excited to hear that Nickelodeon is developing an MMO just for you! That's right, in the up-and-coming Monkey Quest, you and your friends can team up to find adventure in a world that is ruled by monkeys and filled with danger!

Nickelodeon is no stranger to fun and games, so it will be interesting to see its take on an MMO. Although the game seems made for kids -- as you'd expect -- its cooperative gameplay looks like it will be fun for monkeys at all stages of evolution. The game boasts a free-to-play hybrid payment model for players who might like an "enhanced" player experience. Does that mean cash shop? Does that mean monkey hats and monkey pants? We hope so!

If it sounds interesting, click past the jump and check out the trailer. Just watch out for any... flinging.

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