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Prey 2 ditches portal and gravity gameplay

Justin McElroy

Ask most who played the first Prey what they thought of it and you'll invariably get some variation on: "It was just okay, but I really liked the stuff with gravity manipulation (à la Kineticarnage) and portals (à la ... well, Portal)." Well, friends, it appears developer Human Head has been listening to you. Well, listening to you and hating you, because it's done away with both of those things for Prey 2.

Speaking with PS3M Magazine (via Beefjack), lead designer Chris Reinhart said, "We explored a lot of the ways you could use portals and gravity in combat, and I really wanted to shift away from making it too much of a puzzle game."

We're glad to hear the brainy "puzzle game" bits have been left to rot, and we think we join in a chorus of gamers here when we say, "Finally, a shooting game."

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