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Star Wars Galaxies gets a new community manager


In a week of transition for SOE, Star Wars Galaxies is changing things up as well. It appears that Community Manager Lydia "Zatozia" Pope is moving to other titles in SOE, making way for her replacement:
"Greetings Star Wars Galaxies players! Zatozia has been a part of your community for quite some time and not only brought mountains of feedback to the Development team, but created some exciting forum activities as well. She has truly made the Star Wars Galaxies community stand out among our products, and we wish her well as she moves to other games within SOE.

"At this time we would also like to introduce your new Community Manager Mepps. An MMO veteran, he looks forward to working with you all and making Star Wars Galaxies one of the best MMO communities to be a part of. Look for him to say hello in the very near future."
We look forward to hearing from Mepps and seeing how he fares in a galaxy far, far away.

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