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Breakfast Topic: How did you like our April Fools' Day joke?


You know, we've had a pretty good run of April Fools' Day jokes here on WoW Insider. A few years back, it was HKO Insider. Last year, for the space a few hours each, we devoted ourselves to the love of Mass Effect, Lady Gaga, Twilight, and Muscle March, among others.

But this year just took the cake. I can't tell you how proud I am of the entire team for working so hard to pull it off. From our columnists to our editors, we all worked so incredibly hard, and I'm sure if you were watching the site yesterday, you have to agree: It paid off. This was most definitely our best April Fools' Day joke of all time.

So here's my question: What did you think of our joke this year? What was your favorite moment? I'd share mine, but it was all so amazing, that picking just one thing would be a total Sophie's Choice.

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