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CDMA Xperia Play visits FCC, promptly gets dissected


There are few things we enjoy more than seeing the glittery innards of a device splayed before us in the name of science -- especially when it happens to be the CDMA version of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play. The Verizon bound phone made a cameo at the FCC today where it was subjected to -- and passed -- the usual battery of SAR tests before getting dissected. What's intriguing about the pictures in the FCC report is that the CDMA model features the same combination SIM / microSD card slot as its GSM sibling. While some are theorizing that Verizon's gaming handset might support LTE, we think it's more likely that the Xperia Play uses a dual-mode CDMA / GSM radio and that the SIM slot will either remain empty and disabled in firmware or that the Xperia Play will be one of Verizon's global offerings. Take a look at the gallery below and judge for yourself.

Gallery: CDMA Xperia Play visits FCC, promptly gets dissected | 7 Photos

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