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Readers pick best webcomic: Punching Down

Are we comfortable with the sheer number of toddlers we crush in each and every generation of Pokémon? Well, no. Are we comfortable with spending their milk money on Poké Balls, potions and other items essential to our journey? Not really. Are we ... oh, who are we kidding? It's a necessary evil. Pokémon get stored in tiny prisons, and, as is depicted in Penny Arcade's Wrapup-winning strip "Punching Down," children get bested in battles. It's not called Pokémon: Sunshine and Rainbows Edition, you know.

Second and third place went to Nerf Now's "Over the Top" and Awkward Zombie's "Fighting Fire with Fire Fighting," respectively. If you've got a strip you'd like to see in the next Wrapup, drop a link in the comments, or send in a tip!

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