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Is Samsung applying Analog Sunset 480p only rules to its new HDTVs? No.


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Over the weekend news popped up at CEPro that industry forums were buzzing about Samsung's new D series LED HDTVs only supporting a maximum 480p resolution through their analog (component) inputs. The author apparently confirmed this with a customer service rep which raised the possibility that Samsung had needlessly extended Analog Sunset rules from its 2011 Blu-ray players (which are limited to 480p out over analog per the new rules) to TVs. In response, Bill Whitaker of Neothings went over to his local Magnolia and confirmed with hands-on testing 1080p via analog worked on the new sets. Just to make sure this applies to all TVs in all situations we checked with Samsung directly and received this official response:
Samsung has made no change to its support for HD input via component connection. Our 2011 televisions continue to support up to 1080p signals through component inputs.
We hope everyone's feeling a little more at ease now and can concentrate on the important things, like whether that funky dual-sided QWERTY remote is a good idea.

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