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SWTOR fan moves from Mos Eisley to Austin


We don't usually make a big deal about who's being hired where unless it's game-changing, especially when it's not the head of a studio or something along those lines. However, it is very refreshing to hear when someone who has run a great fan site breaks into the industry. Such is the case with Brooks Guthrie of Mos Eisley Radio.

This morning, Brooks officially announced on the Mos Eisley Radio website that he is moving on to do audio engineering for the Community Team at BioWare for Star Wars: The Old Republic. In his post on the MER forums, he said simply, "I wouldn't have this great opportunity without MER, and there wouldn't be an MER without a great community of listeners!" He also assured fans that Mos Eisley Radio is here to stay despite his moving on.

Massively would like to congratulate Brooks on joining the Dark Side, and if any Massively readers are interested in how this fan became a part of the BioWare team, check out the latest Mos Eisley Radio Podcast.

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