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THQ and Random House team up for new transmedia IPs


Hot on the heels of the Homefront prequel novel, Homefront: The Voice of Freedom, comes THQ's announcement of a partnership with Random House Publishing. The agreement between the two publishers will see the creation of "original intellectual properties for publication across multiple mediums." The first such property is said to embrace the publishers' strong suits -- games and books -- with other mediums to be explored in future IP.

THQ also has big plans to build out story franchise bibles with Random House Worlds, the book publisher's "IP creation and development group." Bungie's Halo franchise is a prime example of a game's universe being expanded and curated through novels, and it's a "transmedia" success story that other publishers are likely to covet.

If THQ wants to hasten its success in both games and novels, maybe it should get cracking on that romantic, teen-cyborg-vampire saga set during World War II.

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