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Video mirroring on the original iPad


iPad 2 owners have one cool feature that can't be replicated on the original iPad -- the ability to mirror everything that's on the screen onto another display. Or should I say "had one cool feature," since 18-year-old Belgian student Ian Bauters has figured out a hack that enables video mirroring on a jailbroken original iPad.

As with the video mirroring on the iPad 2, this works with both the Apple VGA Adapter and the Digital AV (HDMI) Adapter. Bauters notes that despite the original iPad having less RAM and a less-capable CPU, he hasn't seen any issues with the mirroring hack he developed.

There's a video that shows the mirroring in action on the next page, and you can get full step-by-step instructions on how to enable this feature from the Nature's Eye Studio website. Remember kids, jailbreaking is legal and awesome -- but it is done at your own risk.

[via MacStories]

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