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New Xbox Development Kit is cheaper, way cuter

Microsoft has begun offering developers great and small a new model of the Xbox 360 development kit, pictured above. The new hardware's got a lot to offer game studios -- it's got an undisclosed boost in RAM, larger hard drive, built-in flash memory and a less bulky frame than its predecessor. Its most appealing bonus? According to the kit's press release announcement, the new hardware will come at a "significantly reduced price from its predecessor."

Wait, no, that's not its most appealing bonus. We're pretty sure the aspect that's gonna lead companies to snatch up as many of these new kits as they can is how darn adorable it is. Look at him! He's so tiny. And he's got an equally adorable, optional Sidecar attachment, which enables debugging and emulation! Oh, just look! It's like he's giving it a piggy-back ride.

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