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Softbank's CEO donating ¥10 billion to Japan's quake-affected region

Darren Murph

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Softbank already stepped up to the plate by offering gratis handsets to earthquake orphans following the horrific events that transpired last month, but now the outfit's CEO is doing one better. ¥10 billion will be leaving Masayoshi Son (admittedly deep) pockets in order to "support the region and people affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami," and if you're curious, that equates to just under $120 million in greenbacks. Of course, one might say that said sum is pocket change for Japan's wealthiest citizen, but he even vowed to "donate to the same cause all of his future compensation as the head of Softbank." On top of Son's personal donations, Softbank as a company will be handing over ¥1 billion, with both the man and his entity considering various channels for which the money will be distributed. We've got a feeling this is just a bit more serious than your average PR stunt, and we've no qualms handing Mr. Son the round of golf claps he so richly deserves.

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