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Take a chance on DC Universe Online's Update 2

Are you ready to stand up to the diabolical plans of the Penguin and take your chances with Two-Face? For the heroes and villains of DC Universe Online, today is the day to do just that, as Update 2 is out on the live servers, ready to offer all manner of new challenges to those willing to heed the call.

Aside from all the great new endgame, Legends, and holiday content we heard about in talking with Chris Cao a couple of weeks ago, there's a whole slew of bug fixes and improvements in this wide-reaching update. Among the many things that have been fixed are several animation bugs, feat issues, and oh-heavens-yes, those incredibly annoying bugs that stopped players from being able to complete quite a few instances. Add in the ability to bring back friends into instance groups if they get dropped, several new UI changes and more, and you have a great patch that's chock-full of things that DC Universe Online players have been clamoring for.

Be sure to pop over to the DC Universe Online forums and check out the enormous patch notes for Update 2. Also, check out our gallery below for lots of Update 2 art goodies!

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