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Symbian moves back home, promises to keep door unlocked

Zachary Lutz

As a reassuring parental gesture (and necessary commitment to developers), Nokia recently announced the Symbian platform is back home -- once again serving up its codebase, developer kits and documentation for all to see. This commitment follows Symbian's defacto closure, of course, after former host Symbian Foundation turned an about-face, leaving the operating system without a developmental shelter. The Finnish company's move comes at a crucial time, where maintaining developer support will be essential in legitimizing Nokia's aspirations to sell oh-so-many Symbian devices during this transition era -- not to mention assuaging unrest as we prepare for whatever may come on April 12th. Not to make light of a solemn situation or anything, but we'd say the OS sure is making the most of its whole "one foot out of the grave" situation, wouldn't you?

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