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Apple's touch panel demand helped delay RIMs PlayBook


RIM announced its PlayBook tablet last year, and eager BlackBerry fans have been waiting months for this QNX-based tablet to debut. According to a rumor from Digitimes, this wait was made even longer thanks to Apple and its stranglehold on the touch panel market. Asian supply chain sources suggest Apple used its treasure chest of cash to secure touch panels for its iOS devices, leaving other manufacturers out in the cold.

RIM reportedly delayed the PlayBook while it secured touch panels and put the finishing touches on its tablet OS. Digitimes is notoriously hit or miss with its insider information, but in this case, its report may be accurate. Apple is known for its ability to secure critical device components from Asian suppliers before its competition. A few years ago Apple cornered the market on NAND Flash for its iPhone and iPods while other manufacturers were left scrambling for the scraps.

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