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Bluetrek Carbon headset hits the FCC, proves hard to damage but easy to disassemble

Tim Stevens

We've seen Bluetrek's Bluetooth headsets be twistable, touchable, skinny, and smart. Now they're going light -- and fancy. The Bluetrek Carbon has hit the FCC, showing off a carbon fiber boom (pictured again after the break) and construction said to create an exceedingly light result. Looking at the FCC's teardown photos it's clear to see that the stalk there is actual carbon, not some lame appliquè and, with the body of the thing being barely wider than a micro-USB port, it shouldn't look too gaudy hanging out of your head. There's no mention of price or availability (the FCC doesn't trouble itself with such matters) but we're guessing you don't have much time left to get your ear ready for this kind of piercing sophistication.

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